5 European sunrise! Must go with another partner!

Travel to Europe, often planning to go to the brand-name city to buy things, go to different tourist attractions, or find some local food eat special. But in fact, the sunrise in Europe is also worth our appreciation! So these are the selection of the five major European cities of sunrise: Brussels, London, Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam, Paris, so that you can enjoy while still be able to play and enjoy the great scenery. If you’re planning to go to Europe for a vacation, better go do it fast!

Five places to visit in Europe

Who would have thought that Europe has so much places to visit.

Europe sunrise 1st stop: Brussels. Grand Place, Brussels

One of the world’s cultural heritage is the Grand Place, which has the same beautiful view of sunrise as the spectacular sunsets and romantic night views! The golden sun knocked down the building full of medieval style, so that the original classical buildings may appear more magnificent, gorgeous with a little ancient atmosphere to it. It’s like being inside a movie scene and taking you back to the Middle Ages!

The square is surrounded by different buildings, allowing you to enjoy 360 ° visual enjoyment!


Europe Sunrise 2nd stop: London. Millennium Bridge

Standing on the top of the Millennium Bridge, over the view of the River Thames and the Tower Bridge in the distance, compared to the Millenium Bridge, where people come and go in the daytime, the feeling of that moment is particularly relaxing and quiet! As the sun rose near London Bridge, the golden light dyes the sky with added color to the dark landscape. Taking advantage of this opportunity, let yourself relax, slow down, feel this comfortable, quiet sunrise!

The sun starts to rise slowly!

Wind blowing, watching the sunrise while enjoying Britain’s most representative Tower Bridge!

Europe sunrise third stop: Barcelona. Park Güell

Speaking of Barcelona, ​​how can we reduce the building of Anthony Gaudi! One of the most popular is certainly Park Güell, one of the world’s cultural heritage! Colorful mosaic sculpture feel like being in the fairy tale, coupled with the sunrise of the magnificent scenery, immediately adding to the life of the fairy tale world, unforgettable view and memories! Moreover, as long as the park before (8 o’clock) you may go into the park within the toll area, that you can enjoy the garden building for free of charge (some of the buildings into the visit at an additional charge), but also can avoid the crowds so remember to take some memorable pictures!

Wavy stone chair brightly colored and prominent shape, used to bring out the scenery first class photo!

Europe sunrise at the 4th stop: Amsterdam. canal

With the name of Venice in the north of Amsterdam canals, Amsterdam can be said to be the only place to go! In addition to the that, the four seasons bring you different scenery, of course its sunrise view are very charming as well! Looking at the canal view and the canal houses on both sides, the sun rises slowly behind the house, golden light knocking down the canal, so that the original tranquil water city instantly become a bright ink painting, that charming scenery is unforgettable!

Amsterdam canyon sunrise scenery really do not have a flavor!

Europe Sunrise 5th stop: Paris. Eiffel Tower

Want to see the most romantic European sunrise? How rare a landmark in Paris – the Eiffel Tower too! Proposals can go to Mars God to enjoy the sunrise, sitting in the grass with another friend or girlfriend, while talking, while waiting for sunrise. Slowly you will see the sky began to seep yellow, the sun rises from the bottom of the Eiffel Tower, set off the trees around, fresh to that feeling makes people feel good romance, and full of lighting at night compared to bring you another A sense of belonging to the Eiffel Tower, must not be missed!

Taking advantage of the sunrise, there is no crowded time, remember to take more pictures!

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