No time to exercise to lose weight how to do? Recommend 10 fat-burning foods, so that you can burn fat!

No time to exercise to lose weight how to do? Recommend 10 fat-burning foods, so that you can burn fat!

Overeating leads to a long frenzy and effective weight loss has been a hot topic. For busy urbanites, taking the time to exercise to lose weight is a very difficult task. 10 super fat-burning foods, so that you can effectively and quickly lose weight in the normal diet. What are these 10 amazing foods?

Sweet potato has a strong abdominal fullness

Sweet potato is a food that we are very familiar with. Its fiber is soft, and it is most easily digested by the human body. The detoxification effect of laxatives is very strong and it has a sense of fullness. Therefore, people often eat as diet foods, and some people directly make sweet potatoes. As a staple food can make sweet potato rice, sweet potato porridge, steamed sweet potato, sweet potato .milk can also be made into sweet potato milk for drinking.The sweet potato’s calories are very low, about half of the same amount of steamed bread .


Barley tea removes fat

Many people have the habit of drinking tea, and barley tea has the effect of removing fat, oily solution, help digestion, Qi and stomach! The barley tea made from roasted barley contains many trace elements, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and dietary fiber needed by the human body. The sugar content is also very low, so it is called a “health drink.” In addition, barley tea also has a unique dietary fiber, dietary fiber dissolved in tea water can bring out the “garbage” in the stomach, make people relaxed and healthy, and will not bring any extra calories and burden.


Cold dishes prevent constipation

Recommended two cold dishes: salad radish and cold fungus bamboo shoots. Radish contains spicy ingredients mustard oil, with the promotion of fat substances to better metabolism, can avoid fat accumulation in the skin; black fungus is rich in cellulose and a special plant collagen, these two substances can promote gastrointestinal Peristalsis promotes the excretion of fat foods in the intestines and reduces the absorption of fat in foods, thereby preventing obesity. At the same time, these two substances can promote gastrointestinal motility, prevent constipation, and facilitate the timely removal and excretion of toxic substances in stools.


Hawthorn helps digestive effect

We often eat hawthorn cakes when we eat too much and are not very good for digestion, because it helps us digest quickly. Hawthorn contains up to 20% crude fiber, which promotes bowel movements. Hawthorn can also increase the activity of pepsin, which contains lipase can promote the decomposition of fat, play a role in digestion and digestion, and it is particularly effective in digesting meat. It also has the effect of reducing blood fat and blood pressure, which is beneficial for preventing cardiovascular diseases and strengthening the heart.


Papaya can remove fat

Papaya contains a papaya enzyme. These papaya enzymes can not only break down proteins, sugars, but also break down fats. This can be said to be the most important feature of papaya. By breaking down fat, it can remove fat, reduce mast cells, promote metabolism, and remove excess fat in time. Excreted, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss. In addition, there is the role of treatment of gastroenteritis, indigestion, and prevention of canceration of the digestive system.


Plum juice can disintegrate fat

People often drink sour plum juice Jieshu, in fact, the most important role of sour plum soup is oily solution, it can help us in many ways to disintegrate fat. The main raw materials in sour plum ebony, hawthorn can effectively relieve the body of excess greasy, orange peel can also effectively inhibit the conversion of excess sugar into fat. Not only that, sour plum soup is also an alkaline drink that helps neutralize the acidic effects of sugars and lipids and accelerates metabolic breakdown. Therefore, when it comes to big fish, choose a cup of homemade sour plum soup as a good oily drink.


Apple helps body scrape

One apple a day, the doctor is away from me! Apple is indeed a very good fruit, and the heat is very low. Because apple is rich in dietary fiber pectin, and pectin is basically free of calories, but it passes through the body, but it always takes away something, such as fat, fat, etc. Oil, while reducing weight, will also make the skin more bright and moist.


Vinegar promotes fat metabolism

Nowadays, there are often vinegar and fruit vinegar to lose weight, and vinegar does have this effect. The amino acids contained in edible vinegar can not only decompose the body fat, but also promote the smooth progress of metabolism such as sugar and protein, and thus can play a good weight-loss effect. In addition, after ingesting too much fish, meat, white rice, bread and other foods, drinking vinegar can help digestion, vinegar contains volatile substances and amino acids, can stimulate the nerve center of the brain, so that digestive organs secrete a lot of digestion Liquid, enhance digestion.


Porridge can reduce fat intake

Drink a little porridge before meals so that you don’t have too much space to eat big fish. At the same time, it is also possible to avoid the waste of protein that is consumed by eating large fish and large meat, and to increase the dietary fiber to help promote peristalsis and help increase satiety.


Strawberry helps to clean up toxins

Lived a lavish life, There must be a lot of body toxins and fat accumulation, now is the time to make strawberry fat and toxins to a clean-up!Strawberry has a Health and body fluid, promote digestion and absorption and other effects. Contains a variety of organic acids, cellulose, pectin and minerals to clean the stomach, eliminate constipation, strengthen liver and spleen.


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