Short story of humanity! Dear John is such a lot of people!

Story One

A doesn’t like to eat eggs. Every time he gets an egg, he gives it to B.

At the beginning, B was very grateful.

Used to be taken for granted.

So, until one day, A gave the egg to C, B was not happy.

She forgot that the egg was originally A, and A wanted to anyone.

They fight for this, and never talk anymore…


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Story Two

One year in a very hot summer, a team of people went out to drift. When the girl was wearing slippers and playing with water, she dropped the slippers and went to the water. The slippers were sinking.

On the shore, they were very hot pebbles and they had to walk a long way.

So the girl asked for help from others. However, no one helped her this time. She suddenly felt that these people were not good and she could not be saved.

Later, a boy gave her her slippers and told the girl that no one should help you.

Many times, people are used to being good to you. You think it’s right. One day, it’s not right, and you feel resentful.

In fact, it is not that others are not good, but our demands have increased. Get used to it, forgetting gratitude.

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Story Three

In the evening, there was a sheep playing alone on the hillside. Suddenly a wolf came out of the trees to eat sheep. The sheep jumped up and desperately tried to resist with the horns and shouted for help from friends.

The cow looked at the place in the bush and found it was a wolf. When he ran away, the horse looked down and saw that it was a wolf that ran away. The donkey stopped and found it was a wolf who quietly slipped down the hill. The pig passed through here. The discovery was a wolf. He rushed down the hill and the rabbit heard it.

The dog under the mountain heard the shouting of the sheep, hurried to the uphill, flashed out of the grass, and once bitten the wolf’s neck, the wolf was screaming with pain, and when the dog bleed, the elk escaped.

The sheep came home and friends came

Niu said: Why don’t you tell me? My horns can bring out the wolf’s intestines

Ma said: Why don’t you tell me? My hooves can knock the head of a wolf

Donkey said: Why don’t you tell me? I shouted and scared the wolf

Pig said: How can you not tell me? I broke my mouth and let it fall into the mountains

Rabbit said: Why don’t you tell me? I’m running fast, so I can tell you

In this noisy group, there is no dog

True friendship is not rhetoric, but the one that pulls you at the key moment. Those friends who surround you all day and make you a little happy are not necessarily true friends.



To our friends in our lives

It is not easy to walk for 1 year,cherished for 2 years,miracle to be able to meet for 3 years

Can only be called confidante for 5 years,Still 10 years old, should be invited to life,for 20 years, you are your loved ones.

In this time of fickleness, pay more attention to the friends around you, understand more, calculate less, learn to be grateful, and do not forget to forget the good ones.

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