【Psychological tests】 choose a favorite sushi and watch your sticky index is how much!

【Psychological tests】 choose a favorite sushi and watch your sticky index is how much!

If you choose it, look at the answer.↓



1: Sticky index 30 points

You are a sensible guy. For you, love is important but not necessary. You rarely feel lonely. Most of the time you feel free to live in a single life, it’s easy to do. You talk about a short period of love. And enthusiasm usually comes quickly and goes fast. The other person often feels you are a bit cold, so it should be someone sticking you and not sticking to you.

2: Sticky index of 55 points

Just like the recent weather, you have a fluctuating personality. You are self-willed, stubborn, and personal. When you think about each other, no matter what you are doing, you can’t wait to rush to him, but when you quarrel and fight, It is you who launch the Cold War first. Regardless of who is right or who is wrong, you must apologize to the other person before you are willing to give up. You are in the cold outside, and because of the love of face, you always maintain the look of the other person always sticking to you.

3: Sticky index 80 points

You are a hard person to fall in love with, but if you choose one or fall in love, you will be like a sticky blister. Even if you lose your breath, you will have difficulty. When you want to fall in love, your requirements are still high. It’s not so easy to find objects that meet the standards. If you want to fall in love, you still have to get rid of the fault of the picky object. After all, it is better to have someone to accompany than to pick up the West.

4: Sticky index 95 points

Personality and enthusiasm you are very hard for family and friends, not to mention the other half of you, almost to the other as a baby like care and companionship, this care does not refer to the material, but my heart always care about For each other, it’s best to do whatever you want to be with the other person. There is a song called “I’m going to stop you from dying.” And when you talk about love, you belong to this type of person.

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