What brand did you think of chocolate? Not to be missed as a chocolate lover

What brand did you think of chocolate? Not to be missed as a chocolate lover

From a daily experience point of view, the melting point of chocolate is close to human body temperature, and the entrance is sweet and romantic. From the cultural point of view, in Greek, chocolate means “food of God”, like the love of God. Gifts; From a scientific point of view, chocolate contains a mood hormone called phenylethylamine that stimulates the secretion of dopamine in the body and brings a pleasant feeling to the body…

Whatever interpretation you like, chocolate is always a food that feels full of happiness. Therefore, we will explain the focus of chocolate selection today and recommend good chocolate for everyone.

Not to be missed as a chocolate lover


Royce’s raw chocolate

What brand did you think of chocolate? Not to be missed as a chocolate lover
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Hokkaido is located in the northernmost part of the islands of Japan. In addition to the stunning scenery of the four seasons, there is also abundant seafood and the most concentrated milk. Add Hokkaido cow’s milk chocolate, sweet and delicious, so that you will bite into it will fall in love with it.

What brand did you think of chocolate? Not to be missed as a chocolate lover

Royce’ is a chocolate brand founded in 1983 in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Raw chocolate is a new type of chocolate that has been modified on the basis of traditional chocolate. Because it contains 17% -18% of water and 24% of Hokkaido fresh cream, it is bitten. , The soft and sweet chocolate with the bitter taste of cocoa powder makes the entrance unforgettable.

When the rich and delicate raw chocolate is perfect with the mellow and intoxicating liquor, the wonderful and aromatic cocoa flavor is mixed with the flavor of Champagne, Cognac and other wines. It takes a bite, lingers, and is intoxicated. The non-alcoholic raw chocolate tastes fresh and sweet. Because the shelf life of raw chocolate is only one month, and it needs to be refrigerated below 10 degrees, if you bring it back as a gift, it is recommended to buy it at the airport. When buying, the merchant will provide cold bags.


GODIVA Pearl Tin Chocolate – Mint Dark Chocolate

What brand did you think of chocolate? Not to be missed as a chocolate lover
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The chocolate brand GODIVA, which is used by Belgian royals, is not cheap because the price is not cheap. Many people only buy when they need a gift. However, if you want to enjoy yourself occasionally, it is recommended that this pearl iron series. In particular, this mint dark chocolate has always maintained a top-notch flavor and smooth taste. While enjoying the slightly bitter flavor of dark chocolate, the cool mint also spreads in the mouth. Small packaging does not take up space, so you can come and go at any time when you go out or work.


Liu Hua Ting Strawberry Chocolate Sandwich

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The Liu Hua Ting brand was founded in the 1930s by “Liu Hua Ting Cheng Guo Co., Ltd.” and is also from Hokkaido. “Five flowers and five flowers, six flowers and snow alone”, six flowers that is snow, contains Hokkaido’s unique winter style, full of charm. In white clark, full of nostalgic milk, wrapped in a whole piece of dry strawberry, in addition to the sweet and sour taste is very attractive, the strawberry is even crispy and dry, it can be said to have a multi-level taste chocolate. Recommended for people who like sweet and sour dry chocolate.



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Made from fresh milk, the entrance has its own unique milky fragrance spread out in the mouth, and the sweetness of the cocoa is also quite enough. Plus a small package of just one, it is especially loved by children. The pleasing water droplets shape and the exquisite silver packaging, in addition to high memory, are now becoming popular gifts on weddings.


Laurent Gerbaud

To say which country in Europe best eats chocolate and has the best reputation, Belgium must do it. Regardless of the variety of chocolate varieties, per capita consumption capacity, or the speed of new product development, Belgium has taken the lead in the world.

For example, the well-known “Ross in chocolate” Godiva; the centuries-old shop Neuhaus invented the sandwich chocolate (now a variety of sandwich chocolate is still the main); sea shell chocolate (for the sake of the best wishes for love and wide The originator of the popular Guylian and so on.

pic :Neuhaus 
pic :Guylian 


In addition to these famous brands of chocolate, Laurent Gerbaud is one of many unique chocolates that can be found in Belgium’s large and small chocolate workshops. The store is located in the heart of Brussels. The brand is named after a chocolate artist. Its Logo is a classical Chinese seal. It originated from the years when the chocolate teacher studied in China. The deep Eastern complex is also incorporated into the chocolate.

pic :chocolatierpatissier.be

Here you can buy freshly prepared chocolates of a wide variety of tastes. You can also enjoy a cup of deliciously hot chocolate. The most special one is to book a chocolate experience course: Laurent Gerbaud will guide you to appreciate the chocolates of ten different tastes and origins from chocolates. From the perspective of the person to explain the nuances of ordinary chocolate to high-end chocolate, and then have the opportunity to follow Laurent Gerbaud make a chocolate of their own.

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77 Milk and chocolate Ghana cocoa black chocolate

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Although the cocoa content of 77 milk and chocolate is not high, it is still the most influential chocolate product among Taiwanese people. Today, we recommend this Ghana cocoa cacao almond flavor, in addition to the fragrant Q soft loin candy, but also use 100% Ghana cocoa cream to enhance the overall chocolate richness, while reducing the sweetness, And add the whole crisp almonds, which is a 77-milk plus chocolate that belongs to an adult flavor.


Confiserie Tschirren

In addition to Belgium in Europe, another major producer and consumer of chocolate is Switzerland, which is a common saying: “Nine out of ten people like chocolate, the tenth person always lies (everyone loves chocolate, and they say they must lie.)” To describe the Swiss’s obsession with chocolate is more appropriate.

pic :Confiserie Tschirren


Although raw materials such as cocoa beans and sugar are sourced from other countries, the production of chocolates has always been a source of pride for Swiss people. Therefore chocolate that can be called “Swiss chocolate” must be produced in Switzerland. The representative of Swiss chocolates is milk chocolate. Swissman Daniel Peter of more than a hundred years ago may not have thought that his move to add milk to chocolate not only offsets the bitter taste of chocolate, but also makes milk chocolate a symbol of Swiss chocolate.

pic :Confiserie Tschirren


Bernard’s Confiserie Tschirren is where the locals queue long queues to buy fresh chocolates after work. Small shops are filled with the charming aroma of chocolate. Not only do they have a variety of creatively designed chocolates, the town’s treasures are simple and simple. The chocolate block is the pride of the Bern people. It is a common memory for generations.

pic :Confiserie Tschirren


Also familiar to us are Lindt Lindt and Toblerone chocolate. Lindt’s silky, delicate texture is due to its 78-hour mixing process, which uses high-quality chocolate made from carefully selected cocoa beans and unique technology. This makes it a world-wide enthusiast.

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Toblerone chocolate should be the most common Swiss chocolate in the supermarket. It symbolizes the triangle shape of the Matterhorn, plus the perfect blend of almonds, taffy, and honey. It tastes full but does not stick to teeth. It is often used as a companion. Give back to friends and family. If you are a sweet chocolate lover, you will never stop!

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Meiji 86% CACAO Cocoa Effect Dark Chocolate

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The cocoa content is as high as 86%, so it has a strong bitter taste, but because it still feels slightly sweet, it doesn’t taste like it is as bitter as 99% chocolate. Each piece of chocolate contains 136 mg of polyphenols. Moderate consumption also has the effects of preventing arteriosclerosis, lowering blood pressure, improving skin tone, or improving allergies. Therefore, compared with snack foods, it is recommended for people who want to experience the health effects of chocolate.


The Chocolate Light Milk Chocolate

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From the choice of cocoa to fermented molding, we are very particular about the new chocolate series. This light milk mainly uses cocoa beans from Dominican Republic. In addition to strong taste, the biggest characteristic is that it has a fresh sour taste, sweet and not greasy. The whole piece of chocolate is cut to many sizes, such as the strips for a strong taste, and the arched area for a rich taste, so that you can enjoy a variety of ways to enjoy chocolate at a time.

Black chocolate pieces

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This dark chocolate with 43% cocoa content, with a very mild bitter taste, is also significantly lower than the sweetness of other series of products, it is very easy to eat, so it is deeply loved by men, women and children. Because it is affordable, it can be used as a daily supplement or to relieve hunger. It is also recommended to heat it evenly to make it into a delicious dessert such as biscuits, cakes or puddings.


Ai Lian Qiao Алёнка

Speaking of Russian chocolates, the most known affirmation is Алёнка: The chocolate package is a little girl with red cheeks and big blue eyes, with colored scarves on the head.

pic :ymatou.com


This “National Chocolate” began production in 1965 and was the first affordable chocolate of the Soviet Union. It contracted the childhood sweet memories of the postwar generation of Soviet children. For decades, chocolate packaging has been using this rather retro-looking portrait of a big-headed doll, and the image came from a photo taken by a photographer. This little girl has also become one of Russia’s most recognizable characters. The household name in Russia is comparable to Mona Lisa.

Now “Love Lotus” has many different flavors, among which classic milk chocolate is smooth and delicate, and the price is still very close to the people, but it also inherits the consistent characteristics of Russian chocolate: sweet.

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The factory that produces this chocolate has a cool name – “Red October”. The factory was built in 1851, occupying half of an island in the middle of the Moscow River. The tall red brick factory is one of the landmarks of Moscow. . Now that the factory has been relocated to the outskirts of the city, the original site has been transformed into an arts district. It has entered many galleries, studios, cafes and bars, and also retained a “Red October” chocolate shop. The art area is very close to the Kremlin and you can walk to see it.



If you understand Ecuador, you will not be surprised at the rapid rise of the local brand Pacari. As one of the world’s top producers of cocoa beans, only 5% of the world’s beans can be called Gourmet Beans, and about 60% of them are from Ecuador.

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Pacari collaborated with cocoa growers across Ecuador to use organic cocoa beans for the famous Arriba Nacional. These cocoa beans are only produced locally, and once they are transplanted to other places, the unique smell of beans mixed with pungent and floral aromas will disappear. Therefore, dark chocolate is especially recommended. Tasting the chocolates of their family is like experiencing a wonderful journey of taste. When savoring, you may taste the sourness of fruits such as raspberries, the mellowness of red wine, slightly spicy scent, and a touch of tobacco….he The home’s dark chocolate has also been recognized worldwide, and has won gold medals in international chocolate competitions in recent years. In addition, Pacari has rare flavors such as chili, citronella, and salty cocoa.



As the source of cocoa raw materials for chocolate, of course, Africa also has chocolate. Here is a chocolate and vanilla brand that was born in Madagascar in 2006. It is very popular in many countries in Europe and America.

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As a major producer of cocoa beans and vanilla, the quality of its raw materials naturally does not have to worry, and the company has always adhered to the idea of ​​helping local people to have a better life, insisting on producing healthy, organic and delicious chocolate products, but also letting them Become a supplier to many organic food markets. The sweet taste of chocolate and the simple packaging of African landscape also make it a very popular gift for travelers.



pic :Haigh’s


As a chocolate brand born in Australia, Haigh’s can be seen in many places in Australia, and the brand also has its own fans. Haigh’s was born in 1915 and still insists on using cocoa beans to make chocolate directly. Many of its chocolates are hand-made. Here, chocolate and marshmallow, sea salt, honey, milk and other ingredients with a different taste, shape of the product, from the taste, appearance are very easy to make people wonder how to choose.


Schoc Chocolate

pic :Schoc Chocolate


There are also many chocolate shops in New Zealand, and their unique taste is deeply loved by the local people. Schoc Chocolate is one of them. The shop is located in the Wairarapa area near Wellington, and the owners are very happy to try to create personalized chocolates. Therefore, more than 85 different chocolates can be found here, and many of them are developed in-house. If you’re tired of the usual chocolates, then this store will definitely make you feel fresh.


The effect of chocolate and how to eat it

In addition to being able to untie and rejuvenate, eating chocolate actually has a lot of health effects!

For example, about an hour before starting work or preparing to study, if you eat 1/4-1/2 plate of chocolate, it is said that it can effectively improve the concentration and memory. In addition, eating chocolate in the morning or during the day can also promote the brain’s blood circulation, so that the mind and body wake up.

You can enjoy delicious but also have so many benefits at the same time, chocolate really is a dessert that brings people happiness! ♡


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