What is the most conspicuous sign? What is the response of the 12 constellations to reading?

What is the most conspicuous sign? What is the response of the 12 constellations to reading?

Are you the kind of person who has not read back like it is the end of the world or who is unreasonable? The original 12 constellations faced different reactions in the face of unread reads. If you want to read back the other side, it is best to see what the constellation is.





Extremely forgetful Aries, the first second may be a little bit concerned about the fact that a friend has read his own information, but it will be thrown into the cloud in the next second. Can easily be attracted to other things attention, and even forget that he once had information to a friend by him has not read back this matter, no wonder Aries often live a carefree, sometimes forgetfulness may be a good thing.





The stubborn Taurus did not hurt others for a long time, but they tortured themselves. For Taurus, friends who have not read back are disrespectful to themselves, and they are cranky, and they are more sad than they are. They just want to drill a bit and fear that they are Not to say something wrong or why the other party does not reply.





The emotional and glassy Gemini will surely collapse if it encounters unread conditions. It will help the other person find an excuse and feel that this excuse is too difficult for people to convince themselves to beat themselves. It feels hard to arrive.





Cancer belongs to the Buddhist constellation. It is very light for many things. It is also very low-key and never competes with others. If friends have not read back, they just set aside. When the time comes, there will naturally be a reply. If the gentleman is a pale, why should it be persistent?





If Leo’s face is hot-tempered, the anger in the face of those who have never read back will rush out. They will use every possible means to ask why they have not read it, and may even go to the other side at home. You haven’t read back, it’s crazy!





Virgo is a well-known perfectionist. If they are incomprehensible, they will not make any drastic acts when they encounter each other. It will not be recorded in their hearts. See you later. To the other side will be alert because of this matter.





Libra people speak more directly, what they say, never hide their emotions. When the other party has not read back, if it is the first two days that he has not responded to Libra, he can still endure. Then he will continue to send messages and ask why the other party does not reply. Until the other party interprets it, Libra will be angry. The next may also block the other party!





Scorpio is a notorious sign of vengeance, and Ayutthaya is far from bottom. For those who have never read, they will not have head-on conflict, but Scorpio will keep this in mind, but in the future, the feng shui turns, and when the other person asks himself, he will already be able to read the rewards. Never offend Scorpio!





Sagittarius is a broad-minded person. He does not like to count on people. Therefore, even if a friend can’t read it, he will not mind. The next time he meets, he will still be a good friend, and he will not explain to the other person. He will never influence his own behavior. Mood.





The Capricorn people are very kind and always stand in the position of others to think about problems and often take responsibility for them. When the other person has not read himself, the first thing in Capricorn is to feel that he has made a mistake, or that he has done something wrong before, and then he uses various methods to resolve the misunderstanding, even if there is nothing at all.





Water bottle Aquarius is a very constellation of character. It is very self-willed and has a lot of temper. When the other party hasn’t read back to himself, if the other party is not too familiar, Aquarius will immediately block the other side, when they haven’t known this person. One word, oh! seat





Pisces are very clever. They are very sleek in dealing with people. It doesn’t matter whether the other person has read it or not. They pretend to be indifferent. They can talk and laugh with each other, but they pull the other person into the blacklist early in the morning. If you want to be a good friend, there will be no chance!

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