Why is it important to wash your face?

Why is it important to wash your face?

If you think of washing your face, it’s just OK to wash your face in the morning and in the evening. What should you do if you hide the dirt in your pores?

Faced with oils and sweat on your face, precipitation and sunscreen residues that precipitate for a day, and dust that you can’t see, these are eroding your skin, so facial cleansing is crucial, especially in the morning and evening. It is the night’s cleanliness. Some people disdain for washing their faces: washing their faces is a matter of washing their faces, washing them clean, and paying attention to so many things, so these people still go their own way, casually rubbed their cleansing milk on their faces and rinse them with water. There are also those tired office workers who, when they return home at home, eventually go to bed with their makeup. In fact, this creates a heavier burden on the skin than you think.


Why is washing so important?

1、 to promote metabolism

– Because the lower cells of the epidermis will continue to push upwards and eventually become the outermost stratum corneum. If the old upper cells are not removed, the epidermis will thicken, causing sebaceous glands and sweat glands to become blocked and produce acne.

2、promote the new

– The upper cells continue to accumulate, and the lower cells cannot regenerate. There is no neat cuticle, and the skin looks rough and dull.


What real problems indicate that your face is not clean?

1、the dirt in your pores hoarding time for a long time oxidation into blackheads hold large pores, black hair appears coarse phenomenon.

2、face acne, sometimes difficult to eliminate.

3、oil dust, make-up residue, dark skin, fine lines increase. Do not underestimate these problems, if you do not pay attention to facial cleansing for a long time, the accumulation will be aging, pigmentation, pore clogging!

Are these issues not enough to alert everyone?

Therefore, in order to maintain beautiful skin, please clean your face thoroughly!

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