Teach you how to make a rose pie that can be beauty and beauty!

Teach you how to make a rose pie that can be beauty and beauty!

Women eat more rose sauce can beauty beauty, can delay aging, more body and ease dysmenorrhea.



Flour – 300 g

Boiling water – 80 g

Clear water – 100 g

Rose Sauce – Right amount

Cooked sesame seeds – 2 tablespoons

Fried flour – 1 small

Oil – a little

Cooked peanuts broken – a little



Cooking steps

1 . Fry a handful of flour first and stir fry until it is slightly yellow. Mix well with ground peanuts, cooked sesame seeds and rose sauce to make a filling. Then separate them and wait.

2 .  To make this cake, add half boiling water and nearly half the noodles.

3 .  Mix it with a pair of chopsticks.

4 .  Let it cool until it cools, then use clean water and leave the rest of the flour.

5 . At this time, it is used to knead it into a smooth dough.

6 .  Leave it for 20 minutes.

7 .  Pry open, slightly thicker in the middle of the edge, put the filling.

8 . Wrap it well, squeeze it tightly, close it down and gently open it.

9 .  Put it in a small saucepan and cook it.

10 . Until both sides of the golden can be. Because the filling is cooked, it is easily cooked

11 . Especially sweet and delicious.

12 .  Peanut crumbs and sesame seeds are added to the filling, so not only does it enhance the taste and nutrition.



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