Back to Nature – Pulau Besar

Back to Nature – Pulau Besar

The usual life of mediocrity, will certainly want to find a place to release emotions, away from the city. But what if the work is too busy and doesn’t get a long vacation? The three-day, two-night holiday is also considered sufficient. Blue sky and white clouds, multi-level colors of the sea and white sand can make people forget the troubles. This time, we recommend this Pulau Besar to everyone. It only takes 2 hours to take you to another world.


Two-hour drive 20-minute boat ride

Must arrive at mersing’s dock first, then wear a life jacket and then take a speedboat for 20 minutes to reach Pulau Besar.

(but with long hair, preparation will be faced)


As soon as they arrive, they are attracted by the clear sea. The quietness of the island is like an uninhabited island.

Holiday home

Located between the garden and the beach, D’coconut is a bar next to the swimming pool that allows you to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of drinking while swimming. Each meal of the resort is provided as a free meal, but vegetarians can also call the kitchen to prepare food.

Come to the beautiful pulau besar, you can walk barefoot on the beach and let the waves beat on your feet. You can jump into the sea and let yourself disappear into the gorgeous underwater world. You can read books in a hammock, swing a swing, play a pendant ball, ride a bicycle, play billiards, and play some activities such as beach volleyball. If you want to explore adventure, you can walk into the jungle to experience it. If you pay for snorkeling, you have to pay an extra RM80 for three hours, so that you can get closer to your female group and watch beautiful corals. Even if it does nothing, it will only be a daze. It is enough to enjoy this sea.

When we climbed up early in the morning and watched the sunrise early in the morning, we couldn’t see it. The air was fresh.


  1. There are a lot of sand flies on the beach that can make people feel painless, but itchy. Everybody has sunscreen and don’t forget to bring mosquito repellent.
  2. Communication on the island is not good, so take this opportunity to put your phone away from technology.
  3. Friends who like the bustling and prosperous islands must be psychologically prepared. Pulau Besar will not be too commercial, relatively quiet and leisurely, and has fewer entertainment programs.
  4. Friends who want to challenge the jungle, remember to wear sneakers.

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