New Zealand Deep Tour Part 2

Hobbit movie set

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The cattle and sheep pastures of the Alexander family outside the town of Matamata are the location of the home of the Hobbit, the home of the Hobbits in the movie Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Today, when filming has been completed, it is called “Hobby.”

When the famous director Peter Jackson flew all over New Zealand to find a filming site for his giant film, the green mountains and green pastures surrounded by the Matamata farmhouse brought him a deep and deep heart. Moved him. In order to build this farm into the village of Shire in their hearts, in 1999, a group of staff – scene architects, landscape architects and house architects – spent nine months on the farm to build Movie shooting scene.

They built a 1.5-kilometer road leading to the original scene. At the same time, 37 Hobbit caves were built on the hillside, and a bench mill was built on the lakeside, as well as the majestic lakeside and double-hole arch bridge. In addition, the masters of art also erected the barberry fence, planted trees, and cultivated the garden throughout the winter.

They also found a 26-ton oak tree from other farms. They divided the oak into segments, transported them to the site, and then reassembled them with fake blades and planted them above the bottom of the bag.

And the stout pine tree, which was later named the Party Tree (Party Tree), was actually a tree born and raised on the lakeside. In the next 10 years, Hobbiton movie sets and farm tours have become a must-see event for the Lord of the Rings to travel to New Zealand.

Visitors will learn about New Zealand’s shepherd knowledge during the sheep farm experience and have the opportunity to participate in the wool shearing demonstration. They can also feed the baby babies with their bottles.

You can also stay overnight on the farm.At present, there are 44 Hobbit caves in Hobbit Village. Each cave house is designed with unique ingenuity.

Every day, craftsmen carefully manage the grass and trees here. You can enter the scenic spot by taking a guided bus at the door, and there is a welcome card at the door with the words “Welcome to Hobbiton”.

You can see the green hillside dotted with mirror-like lakes. The Hobbitian semi-circular cave houses are scattered among them. Together with stone arch bridges, mountain paths, fences and gardens, they form a garden with a fantastic taste. Picture. Each cave lodge is decorated with exquisite colours, so take a photo of the magical world at the door.

  • Green Dragon Tavern to taste free ginger beer

Crossing the creek, walking through the arch bridge, passing the mill that turns the waterwheel, you will come to the Green Dragon Tavern. The pub completely restored the look of the movie, the thatched roof, the walls made of mud and stone, the simple wood tables and chairs, making you feel like you walked into the movie.

There is always a fire in the stove. Whether it is winter or summer, the linen cloak and straw hat are hung on the coat rack, which is very realistic.

A non-alcoholic ginger beer is available in the pub, so stay tuned for a glass of frozen ginger beer. In addition, you can enjoy a lunch or dinner at the pub, a pudding with beef filling, a sandwich called “mouse clip” or a fresh fruit platter.

Special Note
You must visit the group and you cannot enter by yourself. The car can only be parked in the parking lot of the tour group (see below) and then take the bus to Hobbit Village. Guided tours, explanations, and plenty of time to take pictures
In January, night tours are also held every Tuesday night. The general night tour group will limit the number of people, so remember to make an appointment in advance.
Hobbit Village and Waitomo Glowworm Caves are on the right track and can be arranged on the same day.
Wear comfortable shoes, pay attention to sunscreen and hydration
Don’t forget to bring the camera (charged electricity ~)

Opening hours
Monday to Sunday: 09:00–17:00


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When you come to Rotorua, you can witness the power of New Zealand’s land. The city on the volcanic plateau is on the Pacific Rim, surrounded by the world’s most active geothermal area.

New Zealand’s Rotorua is also home to the Tiarava people who have lived for generations. This indigenous tribe came here more than 600 years ago and offers visitors a rich cultural experience.

You can taste the sumptuous meals cooked in steam from the underground stone kiln, visit the Maori village before the arrival of European colonists, or the hot springs with refreshing bubbles.If you are passionate about adventure, Rotorua is definitely a good place to speed up your heartbeat – skydiving, slippery, yo-yo and ropeway, and so on.

You can also experience the world’s largest commercial drifting waterfall – Tutea Falls, which is 7 meters high, will set off your adrenaline. In addition, a well-known mountain bike ring in New Zealand is also in Rotorua.

It is also a great fishing destination. The lake areas of several lakes and rivers form a vast fishing paradise. Even if you can’t catch the spoils, you can go to Rainbow Hot Springs and Fairy Spring to see the giant squid. comfort.

Rotorua, which comes with an international airport, is the gateway to the various ski resorts in the North Island. It is a must to experience the excellent skiing and snowboarding in Ruapehu in the winter.

Then you can start a sloping walk: join the canopy tour during the day or night, overlooking the virgin forests, or step onto the newly opened Talavera Trail, and explore the historic sites around the lake of the same name. Watch the giant ferns in the clear stream.

Be sure to try traditional Maori food. It is recommended that you first go to the refurbished Eat Streat alfresco dining area and enjoy fine dining in the constant geothermal steam.


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The award-winning Egolton show features 19 different breeds of sheep exhibits, shearing displays, sheep auctions and shepherd dog performances. El Gotton also offers organic farm tours and unique New Zealand adventures.

For all visitors to New Zealand and Rotorua, the world-famous Agrodome is an original pasture with a New Zealand tradition. The award-winning Ai Gordon show will take you into the agricultural world of New Zealand for an exciting and educational trip to the farm – 19 different breeds of sheep for you to visit and provide shearing and squeezing Milk, lamb and sheepdog performances (three performances a day, 9:30, 11:00 and 14:30).

Alternatively, you can take part in an organic farm tour, get in touch with a variety of farm animals, and visit the organic orchard for honey and exotic juices (farm tours start daily at 10:30, 12:10, 13:30) And 15:40). There are also a variety of exciting outdoor activities such as flying ball, jet boat, high-altitude bounce and cable flight, so you can challenge your limits.

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday: 8:30 – 17:00

  • Hells Gate Geothermal Park

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Hells Gate Geothermal Park is the most active geothermal reserve in Rotorua. Covering an area of ​​more than 20 hectares with 2.5 km of natural geothermal landscape trails, the reserve has a rich geothermal landscape, steaming fumaroles and hot mud tumbling mud pools.

Here is the location for the production of orcs in the “The Lord of the Rings” movie. Jet holes, hot water lakes, sulfur crystals and sediments can be seen everywhere.

Visitors can also stroll along the trails of ancient Maori warriors in the reserve and admire the largest hot water waterfall in the southern hemisphere, Kakahi Falls.Hells Gate “Hell’s Gate” also has New Zealand’s unique geothermal mud bath, no one will miss Rotorua’s most famous mud bath.

Apply the warm mud to the whole body and gradually feel the tightness of the skin. You don’t have to wait until the mud is completely dry, you can wash the mud and jump into the sulfur pool directly from the geothermal hot springs.

The tight skin becomes moist and smooth in the warm spring water, and every pore in the body is comfortable.

The magical effect of the mud bath

The unique geothermal mud of Hells Gate’s Gate of Hells is famous for his magical effects. This natural volcanic mud, rich in minerals and trace elements, not only treats rheumatism and skin diseases, but also has a very good cosmetic effect.

For example, it detoxifies and purifies the skin, absorbs excess oil and fat secretions from the pores, and shrinks pores. It also has a natural antibacterial effect to help prevent acne and teasing.

These natural products will make you feel fresh and full of energy – at Hells Gate you can feel the beauty of the hot springs can be so thrilling.

Opening hours: 8:30 – 22:00

  • Lake Rotorua

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This beautiful lake once had a thrilling history. About 200,000 years ago, there was a huge volcanic eruption. After the volcanic eruption, a magma chamber under the Rotorua region collapsed.

The collapse formed a circular crater 16 kilometers wide, and the rain filled the crater to form the second largest lake in the North Island.The geothermal activity around Lake Rotorua is continuing.

Geothermal steam continues to linger around the lake, and the sulphur content in the lake is high, thus forming a magical green-blue color. Located in the middle of the island, Mokoia Island is a circular volcanic rock formed by magma.

The island is home to one of New Zealand’s greatest love stories, Heine Moore and Tu Donaka.Henemoa is a beautiful girl, the daughter of the chief of the time.

She lives on the east bank of Lake Rotorua, and the people in the tribe regard her as a goddess. This means that the tribe is going to marry her.

At that time, many men who proposed marriage showed her love, but they were all rejected by the tribe. At that time, there was a family living on the island of Mokuia in the middle of the lake.

There are several brothers in this family, and the youngest is Tutangakai. In a tribal gathering, young warriors are going to exercise their fighting skills.

At the meeting, Tu Donakae met Heine Moya and fell in love at first sight. Tu Donnakai’s skillful fighting skills and handsome appearance caused Hennymoa’s attention, and soon touched her heart.

However, neither of them can see the future, because Tutanakai’s birth is low and there is no chance to reach Heinimo. Poor Tutangakai can only sit on the shore of the island and express his grief with his flute.

The flute floated leisurely across the lake and spread far into the ears of Heinemoa. This situation caused the tribe to perceive.

In order to prevent Henemo from sneaking away, the people in the tribe took all the canoes to the beach. But people have neglected that Henemo is actually a psychic girl.

One night, Heine Moore used an empty gourd to make a life-saving ring on his body and swam towards the sound of Tu Donnakai. She eventually came to the island of Mokuia. After swimming for a long time in the cold water, she was so trembling that she rushed to the Waikikiia hot spring pool on the island.

Just as her body temperature gradually recovered, Tutangakai’s slave happened to come to the pool to fetch water. Heinmoa asked in a hoarse voice: “Who do you call for?” The slave replied: “I fetched water for Tutangakai.”

Heinemoa took the water scoop in the hands of the slave when he heard the name of Donnakai. Grab it over and smash it.When the slave returned to his place of residence, he told Tutangake that things, and Tutangakai came to the pool to see what happened.

So the two finally met, and the Heinemoa tribe finally agreed to their marriage. Lovers get married. Today, guided by a tour guide, the history and natural beauty of the island of Mokuia is absolutely a must for tourists.

In addition, visitors can enjoy a hot spring bath in Waikmithia (now renamed Heinimo Springs) on the southeast side of the island.There are 16 lakes in the Rotorua region, and Lake Rotorua is the largest lake in the region. The city name is also derived from it.

The south side of the lake is the urban area. Lake Rotorua is also the third largest lake in New Zealand. About 200,000 years ago, there was a huge volcanic eruption.

The ground collapsed to form a circular crater 16 kilometers wide. The rainwater formed after the crater was filled. Lake Rotorua.

There are countless hot springs in Rotorua. In two steps, I saw a stream of hot air in the air. Sometimes three or two springs gather together, and the water mist lingers on a large piece, like a fairyland.

The city of geothermal is worthy of its name. There is a faint smell of sulphur everywhere, geothermal hot springs everywhere, and spa pools in the rooms. This area is surrounded by lakes, seagulls gather, and the hot springs and yellow muds boil, becoming a tourist attraction.

Geothermal activity under and around the lake has continued. Geothermal steam continues to linger around the lake, and the sulfur content in the lake is high, thus forming a magical greenish blue. Strolling along the shore of the lake, you can see that the calm lake is surrounded by rolling hills and the curve is soft and connected to the sky.

Everywhere you can see a large group of black swans swimming gracefully in the lake, and countless giant rainbow trout swims under the vast lake.If you can get up early to see the sunrise by the lake, it would be wonderful.

Facing the morning light, blue, red and gold intertwined on the lake, very beautiful. With the shimmer, swan, wild ducks, seagulls and other birds roam the lake, and the quiet lake ripples in a circle.If you go in the winter, you will see another scene.

The grass is covered with frost and white flowers, but the plants near the hot springs are soaked with hot green, as if a city lived in two seasons, one on the winter and the other on the spring. Stepping on the stone steps of the hot springs, holding a handful of water, the temperature is warm and smooth, it is very moist.

The active volcano in Rotorua is well worth seeing. It is a wonder to stage an active volcanic eruption every morning, so you have to admire the power of nature. Volcanic mud is a major feature here.

The black mud bubbling, you can feel the heat when you look at it. Don’t forget to buy some volcanic mud mask when you leave, this is a very cost-effective gift.

Opening hours
Monday to Sunday all day

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